An Investment in

Mining Pays the

Best Interest

Hashr8 provides comprehensive cryptomining solutions at scale for industrial facilities and power suppliers around the world.

Power Sourcing

Cheap power is paramount to your mining profitability. Our connections around the world provide high-quality power supply at a fraction of normal costs.

Facility Construction & Management

For our clients with access to inexpensive power we help build, outfit, and manage your facility to ensure the maximum available return on your investment.

Colocation Services

Sometimes facilities have unused space – we help them convert their “dead zones” into profit by colocating equipment for reputable miners in search of inexpensive power.

Miner Optimization

Our proprietary facility management software guarantees that your hardware runs at peak performance.

Custom Solutions

We provide turnkey solutions for funds and investors with a desire to gain exposure to mining. After all, an investment in mining pays the best interest!


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